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Nevada Bighorn Sheep Hunting

Nevada offers several different types of bighorn sheep hunts. We offer hunts for the Desert – Nelson, Rocky Mountain, and California Bighorn sheep. Our sheep hunts generally take place on public lands. Nevada is 87% public lands, so access to big game animals is never a problem. Our sheep tags can be acquired through the draw system, with the general draw being held in April. Tags are given on a very limited basis and typically require several bonus points to be drawn.

The Hunt

Sheep hunts can take place in rugged terrain, so being in good physical condition will help your hunt. However, we welcome hunters of all ages and abilities and can construct a hunt to suit your specific needs. A typical bighorn sheep hunt involves glassing from high points and stalking once a suitable animal is located.


Our sheep hunts are all inclusive. Lodging depends on the area you hunt in, but will consist either of a hotel, wall tent camping, or on site RVs.

Specific season dates can be found at


California Bighorn
$3500 – 5 day hunt|

Nelson Bighorn & Rocky Mountain Bighorn
$4000 – 5 day hunt

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