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Predator Hunting with Black Mt. Outfitters

Mountain Lion Hunts in NV

All lion hunts are done using hunting dogs to chase and tree the animal so our hunters can have an excellent opportunity to get a close shot. It is a good idea to be a little flexible with your hunting dates, as hunting often depends on the weather. Booking early in advance also helps to ensure the best hunt. Booking may be done up to a year in advance. Mountain Lion tags may be obtained over the counter, there is no draw required.

Coyote Hunts in NV

Coyote hunting is typically done by setting up and using calls to draw the animal in. Our coyote hunts take place on both public and private lands.


When predator hunting, we generally use UTVs and 4 wheel drive pickups. More information about regulations may be found at


Nevada Cougar/Mountain Lion
$3500 – 6 day hunt
$6000 – Guaranteed cat no limit on # of days
Hunt prices do not include tag and license fees.

Nevada Coyote
$350 per day

For more information on our Nevada Mule Deer Hunts, call us (775) 635-5609 send us an email.