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Nevada Mule Deer Hunting

Nevada offers some of the finest Mule Deer hunting in the nation. Chances for a hunter to take a trophy mule deer is exceptional in Nevada because of the limited number of tags given out during the draw. Our deer hunts take place on both public and private lands. Nevada is 87% public lands, so access to big game animals is never a problem.

Nevada Mule Deer Tags

Our mule deer tags can be acquired through the draw system. We have a General Draw in April and a special Guide Draw in March, which significantly increases your chances to draw a tag. The Guide Draw is highly recommended when applying for a Nevada mule deer tag. We also have landowner tags available for those who are looking for a guaranteed tag.

The Guides

Our guides are very experienced and knowledgeable about the animals and the terrain here in Nevada. We have had a 100% success rate in the late season for the last 5 years and have taken several 180+ class bucks. Deer hunts are on a 2/1 hunter/guide ratio unless special arrangements are made in advance.

Equipment & Techniques Used

When mule deer hunting we often use UTVs and 4 wheel drives. Typically, we use the spot and stalk method of hunting to find and track our muleys. Due to our mountainous and basin terrain and open land, hunters should be comfortable making shots up to 300 yards.


Our hunts are made to suit your needs. Lodging takes place in either a hotel or on site camps in wall tents or RVs, the choice is yours. We welcome hunters of all ages and abilities and specialize in youth hunts (ask about youth hunt discounts!).

Mule Deer Hunting Dates

Archery hunts – August
Muzzleloader hunts – September
Rifle Hunts – October

Specific season dates can be found at

$4000 - 5 day hunt

For more information on our Nevada Mule Deer Hunts, call us (775) 635-5609 send us an email.